"Balance and Belief"

  What do you truly believe? Our world is really focused on justice these days but what does it mean? In the Tarot it can mean a focus on the alignment of values and integrity. Do your… Read more

12—The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

“A Fresh Perspective”

  Why don't we look at this situation while we are standing on our heads? Shall we? The Hanged Man says it's time to see things from a perspective you had not considered. No, the… Read more

13 —Death


"It's over. And it's just beginning"

  Don't fear the reaper. (I mean, I had to say it) Oh, the Death card. This is the card that has made more movie cameos than Stan Lee or Matt Damon. You know… Read more



"Both Sides Now"

  One foot in the water, one foot on land. Temperance wants you to find the true nurturing that comes with balance. And yeah, maybe you are drinking too much. That could also be true.  Was that… Read more

15–The Devil

The Devil

“Tempting, Tempter, Temptation”

  I always say The Devil is the chocolate cake of the Tarot. Maybe not for you but for me chocolate cake is delicious creamy, deep, get me over the edge of burnout, my only true… Read more

16—The Tower

The Tower

“Rock and Roll”

  Yeah, but you already knew this was happening, right?    I have almost never pulled The Tower for a client when the big changes weren't already in process. The Tower looks surprising with its flames and… Read more

17—The Star

The Star

“Self Healing”

  This card is the Loveliest. I didn’t write these card bios in order. I saved this one for last. This card sums up the entire Tarot. Nearly every client who comes to see me pulls this… Read more

18—The Moon

The Moon

"Night Moves"

  This card has really been speaking to me lately about the night. My own tarot reader also interpreted it as “trickster” energy recently. So let’s look at these two energies in this one beautiful card. Nighttime… Read more

19—The Sun

The Sun

"Freedom and True Joy"

  This is actually my favorite card to see a client pull in a reading. I love the Chariot, The Wheel of Fortune, for sure  but The Sun just makes me super happy. It’s all… Read more



"Sound the Call"

  One of the many decks I have used over my 2 decades of professional Tarot reading called this card “Discernment.” I think it really fits. This is the card of separating the wheat from the chaff—making… Read more

21—The World

The World

​​"Everything is Possible"

​​ ​​What a beautiful way to end the journey that is the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The World tells us that we truly can have it all. And…that this… Read more