2024 Forecast

We had a lively conversation at my 2024 Forecast talk. Several people shared that the year is off to an INTENSE start for them. Don't feel alone if you are dealing with that "uphill" feeling, sudden major changes in the health of those you love, and unexpected changes in your responsibilities. 2024 will give us a lot to ponder, but if we stay close to our craft we will come out of this powerful year stronger, clearer-headed, and with deep community bonds. 


what the cards SAID:

Overall Message

Do not go through this year alone. Pick your teammates and stay in touch with them each step of the way. Stay close to your craft, even when it feels hard or when life events want to pull you away from it. Accept the casualties of the past and the present with no resistance. This allows you to feel more deeply and heal more quickly. Trust your inner voice and ask yourself every day, "Who Am I?" wake up with that as your profession—being yourself. Your voice should be Loud for you this year, listen to it!

Winter (Jan, Feb, March)
2 Cups, The Star reversed, 8 Pentacles

This is the time to find your collaborators. 2 Cups says Make your team. And make it solid. Make those emotional contracts and bonds that say "we are doing this for sure." If you don't have a specific project you are working on—create one. And the Star says make sure it is one that heals the world (even in a tiny way) but one that gratifies and heals you first. Then hunker down and get to work. 8 Pentacles is my go-to card for this year. Whatever you define as your "craft" this is the most important thing to know in 2024. You will come back to your craft over and over again as a way of staying grounded, knowing yourself, and feeling on track and connected. Life is going to happen around us in a big way. Make sure you have something meaningful to come back to every day in the midst of it.

Spring (April, May, June)
The Hermit, 7 Wands reversed, 6 Swords

Lots of staves in these cards— rods and wands used to guide us, steady us, and move us forward. That message sang loudly in these cards. 7 Wands says You are the leader of your life. You decide what you want to do and go forward. The Hermit says make plans for tomorrow, not next year. Keep your goals short-term and doable. Let life evolve one step into another. Make your world small—"the" world is going to be full of back-and-forth instability next year, moving from A to B to A to C to Z to A again. Keep up with it— know what's going on, but don't get mentally or emotionally invested. Mind your own business, which means don't get distracted or sucked into the drama around you or in the news. 6 Swords says honor your feelings of grief and also of determination. Support others by asking "do you have everything you need to get where you want to go?" and then cheer them on them to find that for themselves. This is a time of parallel journeys— we support each other by traveling the same river in our individual boats and calling out to each other to make sure we are okay. 

Summer (July, August, September)
The Empress, The Emperor, 3 Wands

This was such an interesting combination of cards! The more I sit with it the more I see that this is a sense of challenging the old guard (See how the explorer is looking towards the empire above him?). I saw "William the Conqueror" in the 3 of Wands—and his message is to wait and watch—gather all the information, really soak in with all your senses, and then take action...really go for it, even if the timing never quite seems right. You will be victorious in the end. So be patient, but at the same time don't delay forever. Move forward. I also got the feeling that Summer is going to be a time when we feel invincible. Enjoy it!! The energy I get is like a "surprise party." It's a time for us to relax, enjoy, and let goodness show up for us. Savor every moment in the warm sun that these cards show us. 


Autumn (Oct, Nov Dec)
The Tower, 10 Pentacles, Temperance, all reversed

There is likely to be a lot of death and loss this year. It's already started. Several people on the zoom (myself included) are dealing with impending deaths of loved ones—suddenly...perhaps in a long-term illness that quickly took a surprising downturn. So there is a feeling of unexpected shock and overwhelm. This is when we turn to our craft again. We will have a lot to go through this year and if we drop everything to deal with things, we will feel lost when it is all over. It's not going to be easy to stay focused on your craft in those moments when things around you are intense, but it is essential. At the end of this time, I want you to look back and have a sense of building, not loss. The losses will be inevitable, the building is what we have to choose and work at every day to make sure we create a good memory for ourselves this year. And my sense is these losses are intense but short bursts not a long onslaught that never ends.

And the election, the world, the technology...yeah, it's going to be a stage full of drama. But Temperance is there to smooth out The Tower, and the Tower reversed shows us rising from the fire, not being sucked into it. Rising towards the sky, not plumeting to our demise. Pay attention and move forward with what is true and real in YOUR world. 10 Pentacles reversed told me that there may be money tied up in silly logistics at the end of the year, so squirrel away what you can now to wait out those delays which will clear up naturally, with patience. 


Bonus Cards
The Fool, 10 Wands

Harvest and Play. If there is a goal for this year it is to come out of it having created something, anything. The Fool is a great card for this year, it tells you to trust in joy, allow yourself to experience goodness even through any of the twists and turns and losses this year brings. Don't be afraid or apologetic to focus on what brings you happiness—that's not a cliche it's essential for getting through this year. Be like the band on the Titanic—who played their music until the very end. Except at the end of this year's journey, you won't be in freezing water, you'll be on dry land, looking back and being so grateful for what you invested in this year—your craft, your team, those you love, and you.

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