Zoom Readings 
(30/60/90 min — $75/150/220)
 Monday-Wednesday 12:30-7pm PT
Phone follow-ups within 2 weeks of a full-length reading (20 min by donation)

In-Person Readings at Psychic Sister Portland  
(20/40/60 min — $45/100/150) 
12:30-5:30 PT
April 5, 17, 22, 26 
May 1, 13, 17, 29 
June 12, 14, 19, 24

Bring a way to take notes as readings are not recorded.
Feel free to schedule as frequently as you wish.

Tips are welcome if you feel moved. I share 1% with eco-human organizations that heal our world.
If you are in a tender financial situation, let me know using the form below and I'll send you a link to my hardship rate.


What's going on and  how can I help? We start your reading with a check-in, so you can fill me in on what's going on for you, and what you need in our session. After a centering meditation, we will dive into the cards, guided by your questions, and the specific areas of your life you want to explore. The reading is a fluid conversation between you, me and the Tarot cards so you can ask questions and for clarification at any time during the reading. Feel free to schedule readings as frequently as you wish.
Bring a way to take notes. Readings are not recorded.  Learn more here.

Tarot-based coaching

What do you want to bring to life right now? We meet twice monthly and stay focused on supporting the energy for the moment you are currently working on in your life. We choose 1-3 Tarot cards per session to guide you week to week as you make decisions and take next steps. These regular check-ins give you that extra infusion of belief in yourself for each step in your process.

Support Sessions are twice a month (50 min each $220/month)


Four of Cups

If you want to connect before your reading, to get a feel for my style and approach, or to ask me any questions you might have to help you feel comfortable, you can email me using the form below. I am happy to chat with you before we schedule. You can also  use this form to send me any pre-reading information you think will be helpful.