Children of the trees

 Over the course of the last 4 years, I have observed a powerful and clear pattern among the children arriving to our planet. I am excited for them and their mission for the earth. 

I can tell one of these kids just by looking at them. They have a directness with eye contact with me (maybe with others) that I have never seen before— but it's the same every time I see one of them. There is something deep in them and they see that I recognize them. This was my first sign—I'm actually not a kid-person, so it really caught my attention when all of a sudden I started making eye contact with children who looked right at me and acknowledged something instantly. These kids are potent.

More and more of my clients are reporting that they are raising these kids and validating the patterns I am seeing. 

Read below for my observations and help parenting these very special souls.

Here's what you need to know

This is SO REAL.

In 2020 during the first global “shelter in place” during the COVID-19 pandemic, humans became very quiet. It was the most profound silence I have ever heard. I grew up in a spiritual practice of silence, so silence is something I am deeply attuned to, and this silence was historic.  It was then that the voices of the trees became very loud for me—loud. They were screaming. They were angry and heartbroken. They felt abandoned by humanity, left to die by a drought of care. I also felt a defiance alongside their sadness, a need to take back control. I told the trees that I heard them, although I did not know how to help them. Soon after, they showed me this part of their plan—I saw my first “Children of the Trees," a little girl in the park about 5 years old with thick glasses, a sureness of footing, and a piercing stare. I asked her dad, “Is she hard to teach?” (I just knew to ask that question). Her father replied with a look of feeling helpless, ”She knows everything." I have seen, met, and heard about dozens of these kids since. I can pick them out in a crowd, walking down the street—there is a certain look in their eyes, and I can feel their unique vibration.

I hope this information can help their parents, doctors, and teachers support them, 
so we can all benefit from their purpose here. 

Here are a few things to know:


They were called to Earth by the Trees.

The trees of earth have decided that “humans” have run their course with their time on earth—and not done a very good job with it. Because the earth itself is more powerful than any species that inhabits it, it has chosen to complete its time with the entities that have been living in human form here and begin again. The trees are moving on. They decided to call to earth a new species that would care for them. These children are the new population the trees have chosen for the planet. This is why I have named them “Children of the Trees.” 


They are here to heal the planet.

We are all painfully aware that the species we call human has failed to steward this glorious planet well. These wonderful beings are here to put things right. They have a deep inborn knowledge of what is needed. We can trust them. We also need to get out of their way—they are wiser than we are so please don't indoctrinate them with our ideas of “right” and “wrong.” They already have a deep sense of balance, justice, and truth. Support them to follow their inner knowing. 


They don't need to be taught.

“Normalize, Listen. Learn.” That's your mantra for these kids. That dad was right. These kids already know everything. Their values and deep inner wisdom is fully formed. They have understanding beyond what our human brains have managed to achieve. Don't try to mold them. They are perfect just as they are. They are smarter than us. It can be hard as a parent—because you want to feel useful, but resist directing them—instead let them be your guide. Never dictate their opinions or values for them. Never make light of what they believe (that's really important). Listen. Listen. Listen. As parents you might feel pressure to be in a leadership role. Not anymore. Now you need to be quiet and listen. Turn into a faithful observer and support person. A lot of my clients are saying these kids are easy and don't require much parenting. If they are easy, let them be easy. That said, a lot of parents are also telling me that these kids can require a lot of time and management (not teaching, just time)—that's okay. Give them attention not direction. 

Here's a great example I saw on a walk the other day:
A 2-3 year old girl was walking ahead of her mom. She was clearly curious and getting used to words. She passed a dog and as the dog walked by the little girl said, “Moo” after it. (so cute). The mom responded, “Don't moo at the dog. It's not a cow.” My heart broke. That's exactly NOT the way to parent these kids. Don't correct them and impose our limited way of thinking. Instead get curious about how THEY see the world. “What made you say ‘moo’?” is the kind of response that would open this little girl to telling you what she sees and why. My guess is she knows way more about how to communicate with dogs than we do ;). 


Have Patience With Their Minds

Here's another example. A mom and her two girls were walking behind me one day and I heard a snippet of their conversation: The mom asked one of the girls “What are you hopeful about?” I turned around to look because I was excited to hear what this girl would say. I knew it would be a message for the world. The girl had a thinking expression on her face…for about 20 seconds (that totally captivated me). Then the mom interrupted with a laugh, “You can't think of anything you are hopeful about?” The girl's face changed. She instantly shifted from looking deep inside herself for a meaningful answer to saying something that would satisfy the mom's need for speed and correctness, and to overcome the shame her mom made her feel about her slow thoughtful process. Ouch. It was a opportunity truly lost. Shutting down these kids hurts all of us. Don't rush the Children of the Trees. Let them take the time to tell you what they really think. I guarantee you will learn something. 


This is the first time they have incarnated in “human” bodies.

So, although they don't need to be taught about what the world needs, they do need to be taught simple functioning skills. How to speak the languages they need. How to stay fed. How their bodies work. How emotions work. How interactions with others work. They want to understand exactly why and how things are broken on this planet. Things may feel “wrong” to them. Confirm this. Don't correct anything that they identify as messed-up. They are right. It is messed up. This is the kind of parenting you will be doing. You won't need to teach them values or knowledge. They come in fully formed and equipped. As parents, it's best to listen—they will tell you what they need help with. Don't try to find ways to feel like you are “parenting.” Instead think of them like aliens who have just arrived to the planet and need help learning basic functions. Have fun with it!


They Talk to Dead People

Do not be alarmed. These kids see right through the veil. If they have “imaginary” friends or you hear them talking to someone who you can't see, trust that they can see and hear them just fine. A lot of people crossed over in order to support this generation so this dialogue is exactly part of the plan. You can certainly ask your Children of the Trees what they are saying or hearing from their invisible friends, but make sure you don't make it seem abnormal in any way. It's not a defect, condition, or psychosis—it's normal. We should all be talking to dead people the way these kids do (I will be posting a page about that soon). Don't let other people discourage this either. Always—normalize, listen, and learn from your child. 


Deeply Sensitive Boys (Often born first)

When I ask my clients, “Is your son sensitive?” Their response is usually, “He is SO sensitive!!” I've even seen this followed by an exhausted gesture from parents. These boys feel EVERYTHING. Sometimes it might seem like their emotions are too big for their bodies, like the Hulk bursting at the seams. They are also super smart. There's a lot for them to process every time they experience anything. Be patient. They are brilliant, just a little overloaded by the intensity of being on earth. They cry easily. They can fixate on hurt feelings (theirs and others). They might be described as “introverted.” They think and process deeply and for long periods of time. They chew on their thoughts and emotions. They have a deep clarity about what is important but need time to put it into words. They also seem to know things about the world already that no one told them—facts and details about history that happened before they were born. My clients and other parents I've talked to are reporting this. (It's pretty darn cool.) Don't be freaked out. These kids are born with the knowledge of everything that has ever happened on earth. 


Feisty Directive Girls (Often born second, or only children)

I am resisting calling these girls “bossy” but you know what I mean. They know what they want and are not afraid to articulate it with clarity and firmness. They are also deeply sensitive and prone to pushback when they get mentally overloaded. If you have a girl that seems like she is aggressive or a bit harsh, she may just need more time to assess every room full of people before she walks in. Give her time to observe before you ask things of her. She needs to feel comfortable in her bones before she can say yes. If she is asked to jump in to any situation too soon, she might act-out due to fear. She's not angry, she's just deeply impacted by energy. She wants to read the room/people, then make her choices. Let her. After that, she's probably pretty fearless. But, her “no” means NO. Trying to re-direct her may be interpreted as betrayal. She won't understand why you aren't taking her at her word. At home she wants her opinions known. Give her a meeting time in your weekly schedule. Let her talk about whatever she is observing. Make space to listen to her. She might help you!


Doctors will want to give them diagnoses — don't let it stick.

NPR just reported that ADHD diagonses have increased by 1 million since 2016. Just as I predicted. These kids will be seen as having issues—ADHD, neurodivergence, allergies, eyeglasses, etc. (I am seeing so many 4-6 year olds with thick eyeglasses!). I sense that these conditions are merely explorations and will not last. So resist altering your kids in any way—no medications, no labels. Instead opt for conversation and support. If your feisty girl seems aggressive, sort out what she needs to feel calm. It's not a label, medication, or programming. It might just be more time to think through situations before she walks in or the permission to say no. Your sensitive boy might need a journal to draw his emotions. He might want to talk things through a lot. He's not troubled, he's just learning how to be in this body. Also keep watch—these conditions may be temporary. They may not even need eyeglasses in 2 years because they are done exploring that aspect of being in a human body. If they tell you they don't want to wear their glasses (or anything similar), then go with that. They are curious souls and will “try on” lots of conditions temporarily. That's why it's so important not to give them labels that feel permanent. Make sure your kid's doctor is a progressive and flexible one. Those doctors are out there! I was lucky enough to read Tarot for one doctor who I believe is as destined to help these kids as the parents are. There is a growing understanding and support for this generation.

I am hoping that this generation frees humanity from disease—which is caused by the suffering we impose on each other. This generation sees through that habit of suffering and sickness. If we allow ourselves to imagine a healthy planet (aka not get in their way) they can create a new healthy way of life for everyone. 


they want (and need) analogue culture

Give them journals with unlined blank pages. Pencils. Crayons. Clay. Mud. Plants. Give them poetry. Music— classical, roots, folk and soul. Give them real instruments, paper books and live theatre. Help them to sing. A children's chorus of the Children of the Trees would be the perfect thing for them. They want to restore the connection with tangible real things as they return us from the damage of the digital age. Try very hard not to regulate their emotions (to calm or quiet them) by giving them a video or phone. This is damaging and confusing to them. Minimize technology. Maximize tangiblity (things they can touch, hear, see, feel). Give them space to explore the enormous amount of knowledge inside of them. Give them blank paper. Give them beauty. Give them time, space, and sensorial ways to process. That's the best thing for these children.


They Need Each Other

I haven't heard many parents talk about this but we need to start bringing these children together in groups. This will help them fulfill their mission. This will also give them peace. They need to work together. They need to see themselves in other Children of the Trees. They need to have the space for this mutual recognition. I sense it will empower them. Just be conscious that they will see the wisdom in those other kids and likely trust them more than any adult. :) 


They start as spirit children.

Several clients have reported this to me. If you are hearing the voice or seeing visions or dreams that feel like your unborn child reaching out to you—trust it. This is one of these new children letting you know they want to be born though you. This is happening for baby-carrying and non-carrying parents. You're not crazy. This is your kid talking to you. Dialogue with them and strategize together a good time for them to arrive. OR You may have had a miscarriage or termination before you had these children. Trust that they may have tried to be born through you before you were ready. You can honor their presence as the one that showed up previously. These kids are persistent—they chose you.

2011 is the start of this generation

I am still observing the age range, but it seems like Children of the Trees are being born after 2011. People 5-7 years older than this are sensitive to this generation and might have similar qualities. That range of people can be highly sensitive and have a lot of struggles with mental and physical health and stability in this lifetime. I suspect they are a precursor generation to the Children of the Trees. I have seen some beautiful, tender souls in that age range, and thank them for the path they have carved out for this next wave.


They are connected to the generation of transgender expansion
that happened right before they arrived.

The Children of the Trees feel gendered—the boys and girls are distinct from each other, but they don't connect to the idea of gender. Gender will be meaningless to their generation. I have observed that they connect very intuitively with transgendered people. They feel a kinship. They are sometimes the younger siblings of a transgendered older sibling. It appears that part of the brave spiritual work that transgendered people are doing on earth is to pave the way for this healing generation of children. It's quite beautiful to see this connection. It gives such hope for a new and very different future. 


They are good. This is a powerful moment in all of history.

I am in awe of these kids and the parents who are receiving them. What a service you are doing for the  planet. Be at peace, be strong, and trust your kids. (Call me if you need help.) They are changing the course of life itself. We are all so very lucky to witness this moment. 


I am so happy to see this moment unfold. The earth has a bright future. 

Welcome, Children of the Trees. We humbly transfer this planet into your deserving hands.