I have become convinced that there is no such thing as free will. We are not creating our lives—we are relating to our destinies. We don't direct our lives—or job is to accept our lives. In my readings I support people through energetic and psychic prescriptions to become more in alignment and open and fluid with their destiny as it unfolds. This makes life SO much easier. Let's explore this a little more so we can all be more comfortable with…everything. 

Here's the Reality


The Illusion of Control

Humans like to think we are in control of our lives. It's a nice idea. It's comforting. We are told it's “empowering.” In fact the new-spiritual movement has been teaching this for ages. “Manifest” (oh, how I hate that word)— has turned into a pressure test and if we can't manifest our perfect life, then we feel like we have failed. None of that is true. The truth is that we have very little control over our lives. All we have control over is…um…nothing. I was going to say we only have control over how we feel about our lives, but maybe we don't even have that. Maybe even our reaction to our destiny is beyond our say, but for the sake of this article let's just say that the only thing you can control about your life is being okay with it. Maybe that's what really feels empowering!


Your soul is curious

If we look at this from a soul perspective then we can understand that our soul—that energy that directs our lives from the inside out, is a curious being seeking out experiences in life. If we see things this way then no experience is wrong, just different. Maybe you had a soul that was once quite privileged and now wants to understand the depths of deprivation, and the journey of recovering from deprivation in order to thrive. Maybe you had a soul that was a part of a huge community and now wants to learn what it means to be alone. That's a great example—you might find that your soul has instincts and tries to create big community in this lifetime and it doesn't work. It's okay, that's just your soul learning. What happens if you allow yourself to embrace what is instead of what you thought should be and start to enjoy being alone? You'll feel less resistance and more curiosity—you will feel more aligned with your soul and your life. 

Trust your soul. It's not torturing you, it's just picking what it wants from the all-you-can-eat buffet of life. 


Trust Your Life

I know, easier said than done. But this is the gist of all of it. Trust your life. Your life is a spiritual act. We can't know why our paths are drawn as they are but we can trust that they are drawn. Maybe you wanted to be a famous writer, but are living a life of a frustrated mediocre writer. Okay, then that's your path. Enjoy that journey. You don't have to stop wanting to be famous, because that desire is part of your destiny too. It's more about accepting the exact moment you are in as a spiritual act. That's the best way to get where you are going anyway. Enjoy each inch of road along the way and trust that the vehicle (your life) knows where it is meant to go. Delight in your life as an observer as well as a participant. I think that's the best way to put it. This isn't an excuse not to grow, change, or evolve—in fact it's an invitation to grow, change, and evolve in exactly the way that was meant for you, not in the way you “decide.” This lets us embrace our day to day situations with more ease, which helps those evolutions happen with less struggle. 


Deja Vu

You know that feeling you get sometimes that you have experienced a moment before? That's your destiny telling you “yep, this is how it is meant to be.”  It's as if the universe planted a “memory of the future” in our subconscious and then when it happens we get that deja vu feeling. These wonderful little psychic gifts are given to us to help us feel at ease on our path. Take it s a confirmation and a comfort. 


“It is Written” 

I don't profess to know who or what is “writing” these plans for all of us. I will leave that up to your own spiritual philosophy. The thing that is important is that the text of your life is already determined before you take that first breath. Our job is to be conscious of that so we can be so fully present and provide our destiny with the energy it needs to be fulfilled. 


How to Flow

Yesterday I said this to a client, “My readings are spiritual support. Yes, I give specific instructions for your life but it's so much deeper than that. I just told you to go to a dance class. Here's how this works—you don't go to the dance class to learn how to do the waltz (as fun as that is). You go to the dance class  to learn how to follow a partner and connect with a different aspect of yourself. You go to the dance class to tap into an inner energy that is aligned with the cosmic energy that your destiny is asking you to cultivate. Cultivating that energy helps your life unfold with ease in exactly the way it should. That's now my psychic prescriptions work. You don't go to the class to dance. You go to the class to cultivate the energy that helps you embrace your life.” We should all show up at our psychic readings with one question on our minds: “What can I do to help me embrace my life?” We don't need to change our lives. We need to embrace our lives. When we embrace our life it becomes easier and feels more meant to be—because it is meant to be.