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Do you need someone who you can really talk to—a champion for your best life who can support you in triumphs and tribulations? Could you use support and guidance to make your life brighter, more expansive, or just easier? Are you mourning a lost loved one? Contemplating a big change? Wondering about a risk you never took? Do you need a dose of courage? How about an infusion of self-care? Good times. Hard times. Bring it all. The Tarot understands. I understand.

 I Hope you leave our readings feeling an infusion of love


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Meet LC

Hello! I'm L.C. Collins
I have been sharing Psychic Tarot wisdom for 25 years 

I support my clients to create vivid, fulfilling lives. I have had the wonderful joys of predicting babies, finding a missing person, and helping a client avoid a cancer diagnosis. I have held people's hands through every kind of challenge, to pursue what's fresh and release what's stale, evolving the inner and outer selves. We walk this journey of life, step by step, inch by inch, smile by smile, tear by tear, heartbeat by heartbeat. 

I use Tarot Cards as a Psychic Window to look into your history, current situation, and shed light on future directions. I often give “psychic prescriptions” to help shift your energetic vibration in order to better align your attention towards the life you want. I will also recommend any tools, meditations, practices, or extra special things
that I sense can support your process between our readings.

Tarot Cards and Oracles were the first therapists. The tarot is an ancient tool and I am a modern reader. I am direct, honest, and determined that you can be happy. My style is based in tradition and intuition—deep knowledge and ever-evolving psychic guidance. I am direct, playful, open-minded, and generous. Tears and laughter are welcome. We have fun. There's nothing you can say that will shock me. Your life creates your personal beauty. I celebrate every moment of it. 

I have an east coast mind and a west coast heart. I combine the two in everything I do. I got my first Tarot deck at a small crystal shop along the concrete sidewalks of Washington, DC when I was just seventeen years old. I started reading professionally eight years later after a wonderful education from the cards themselves and brilliant mentors. I carried that first deck with me across the country to where I now live in the stunning Pacific Northwest.

I currently work with two decks. The Centennial Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot. I returned to the beauty and immense power of this deck after years of using a wide range of decks including the Zerner-Farber Tarot, the Healing Earth Tarot, The Thoth Deck, The Voyager Tarot, and the Tarot of Love decks, learning from each of these insightful interpretations. I also draw upon my life experience when it can be helpful. I have a unique layout style that involves you in the process so your instincts are always a part of the experience. 

 You get to trust me, the cards—and yourself.


I share 1% with eco-human organizations that heal our world.

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“This was the most profound, supportive and USEFUL reading I have ever experienced.” —DN California

“I loved my reading with LC! Everything she said came true exactly as she said it would. I did all the ‘psychic prescriptions’ she suggested and they helped my life so much! I scheduled another reading to get my new set of guidance from LC!” —SP Portland

"I walked into my reading feeling angry at everything in my life. I left LC a changed person—smiling, laughing, and hopeful." —AG Wisconsin 

"I had a reading with LC, and that's when my life started to change. It was a powerful catalyst." —YG, California 

"Whoah!!! My friends and I were totally blown away by the accuracy of LC's insight into our lives—she knew things that were simply spot on. It made us trust everything she said." —RM, Alaska 

"LC gives the best "psychic prescriptions" —practical things to help me take on my challenges, and to take really good care of myself. LC really wants you to have a good life." —KN, Portland 

"I've been to other psychic readers. There's no one like LC. She is specific, direct, and left me feeling empowered in SO many areas of my life." — PD, Maryland

 "LC has compassion, intelligence, and a wealth of inner resources. She cares deeply about her clients and fills a 50 minute reading with insight, support, and a lot of love." — HM, Portland

"I have found LC's readings to be super helpful for context amidst craziness. Also she does not pull punches—she speaks truth even when it is uncomfortable." — CR, Seattle

"I found myself feeling hopeful, laughing at the hard things—and believing in myself again." — TW, New York