Zoom Tarot Reading sessions are 30/60/90 minutes. ($75/150/220)
In-store sessions are 20/40/60 minutes. ($45/100/150)
Zoom Tarot-Based Coaching are 50 minutes twice a month. ($220/month)
20 minute phone follow-up sessions within 2 weeks of a full-length reading. (by donation)

Bring a way to take notes. Readings are not recorded. 


What's going on for you and how can I help?

You are the center of your session. My role is to support you, comfort you, believe in you, and help you access the energy you need to meet what life is presenting you right now.

It is a good idea to prepare a little before your session. Your session is guided by your questions and the specific areas of your life you want to explore. Think about what you want to know, and what questions you want to ask. Bring specific questions. Feel free to bring any photos or objects you want to share as part of the conversation. Set aside an hour in a quiet space. Take a few breaths before we begin to bring yourself into the present moment.

We start with a check-in. Fill me in on what's going on for you, and what you need in our session. We will take a few breaths of meditation to center ourselves and focus our attention. Then we dive into the cards. I shuffle the cards thoroughly infusing them with your questions. When the cards feel ready, we dive in. In my approach, each section of cards represents an area of your life that we can explore. As I turn over the cards, the images and metaphors and stories that they want to tell you come forward. I pose questions to the cards and to you as the conversation deepens. You can ask questions too. My readings are interactive and responsive to your expressed needs.

We have a conversation, asking the cards for guidance every step of the way. The reading is a fluid dialogue between you, me and the Tarot cards.

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My Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck

My Zerner-Farber Tarot Deck

We will draw cards from the Zerner-Farber or the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot decks, or both! These beautiful cards were designed in a collaborative multi-gender process, rich with symbolism, and a wealth of images to communicate with us. I have used a range of Tarot decks over the years and these two are my current favorites. They speak so deeply to both the inner and outer journeys. I find them to be inclusive, sensitive, and a wonderful mirror for every individual.

I read every aspect of the cards—from their traditional images, to the images they evoke from the present moment, and in your life. Their numerology, houses (major arcana / minor arcana) and elements (earth, air, fire, water / pentacles, swords, wands, cups) also speak to your concerns. How the cards present themselves (forward or reversed), and how they relate to the other cards gives us even more information. I share any psychic intuitions that arrive in relation to your issues. The cards often have questions for you, which help make the information you receive more specific and directed. You can ask questions and ask for clarification at any time during the reading. 

We close when time and the conversation feels complete. I will recommend any resources to support you to integrate the information or to take action-steps forward. I suggest you give yourself at least 20 minutes of quiet time after a reading to journal, meditate, and let the information sink in. There are more suggestions for how to integrate after your reading in the Client Portal.

How Do Tarot Cards Work?

Page of Pentacles

Tarot Cards speak to us by tapping into archetypal images, mythology, folklore, and our own lived history. They show us things that spark ideas, memories, reminders of who we are and who we want to be. It offers options, paths, and tools. Its wisdom astounds and enamors me. Each card has a meaning in itself and in relation to the other cards around it in your reading. The cards have two layers. Each card has a iconic message specific to its place in the tarot narrative. Each card also speaks a unique real-time message directly to you with images, stories, and connections to the real events of your real life. It will tell me things meant only for your ears. The pictures, words, and stories that come through are specifically for you.

All of this is the language of psychic communication. My job is to be the translator—telling you what I see and hear, and putting it in place within your own journey. The cards respond to your questions and they pose questions to you in return. Readings are a dialogue between you and the cards, with me as the mediator.

The Tarot is an ancient tool. I am a modern reader—down to earth, honest, direct, and loving. I am a woman of color who has seen a lot in this lifetime, and I have been reading cards for clients for over twenty years. As a result, I believe that everything good is possible. We will laugh a lot during your readings. If you need to cry, we will cry. I accept you just as you are. I believe your vision for yourself is fully attainable.