6—The Lovers

The Lovers

“The Match in the Mirror"

Forget romance. This card has nothing to do with that. If you want romance try the 4 of wands, maybe the 4 of swords (yeah, really) definitely the 10 of cups. 
The Lovers — The Lovers is about authenticity. Buzz word alert. Yeah "Authenticity" what does this overused word even mean? When it comes to The Lovers card, it means everything in your life has to now be a true reflection of your real true self. And if you don't know who you really are- you are about to find out.
Okay a car just drove by blasting a pop song riddled with autotune and spewing totally cliche unimaginative lyrics. Authenticity is talked about a lot but is dwindling by the second. And we are being conditioned to accept artificiality as real, important, even trustworthy. It's not. 
The Lovers wants you to make a good match in the world. This is why it is one of the best cards to pull about work and career. If you are in a good situation, The Lovers will validate that. If you are looking for a good situation, The Lovers will help you find it. And yes, this applies to relationships, friendships, homes,  moving, whatever is your primary focus but also it's likely that all areas of your life will upgrade into a more authentic alignment.
The Lovers brings a time, usually about a year, of this process. Say this out loud: "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, YES!"
This is how The Lovers works. You find your big YES by saying lots and lots of little nos. 
If you say yes to something you know you should say no to you might miss out on your big YES. The Lovers wants you to have that big yes.  So don't let it down. Have the courage to say no over and over to all the things and people and situations that are not quite the right match. 
You can do this with love. "I love you and always will, but this is simply a "no" for me right now." 
It's like changing the radio station (remember radios?) until you hear the song that makes you feel just right. BUT don't be a jerk about it. Someone likes that song, just not you. Maybe you even liked that song in the past, just not today. Today you want the song that makes you feel like YOU. The Lovers helps you find the jobs, people, places, choices that feel just like that soul-satisfying tune. 
AND why I picked the radio station metaphor and not a skipping forward in a playlist metaphor is that radio stations are energy coming through the airwaves that you literally tune into to feel if it's right. That streaming playlist is an algorithm chosen for you based on your habits. That's NOT what you want. The Lovers helps you break habits and tune into the frequency of every decision of your life. YOU want to make your choices. This is how you feel alive. The Lovers is one of the most alive feeling cards in the deck. So tune in, say no a bunch, and hold out for the big YES!