"Deep Breaths and Continue"

I have to admit, this card is a hard one for me. When it comes up in a reading, I find myself having a little inner groan. I have always been one of those people who are told, “You’re so strong. You can do it. You don’t need help!” And, yes, I am stronger than most steel-supported bridges, but that doesn’t mean I want to be abandoned by the world and left to be independent by default. I am a sensitive, open-hearted woman and I need support too. So the Strength card, always gives me a little of that sad and lonely feeling inside. Can anyone relate to this? I thought you might. Sigh.
(surprise twist will follow)
Okay, here is the twist. 
Real time magic:
The next day after I wrote that paragraph-- three of my clients in a row chose this card in their readings. I think it was mad at me. 
So I asked my clients to tell me what the card meant for them. (no it didn't turn into a DIY reading). This is what I heard:
"That card saved my life."
“It taught me to be more gentle with myself."
"I shows me how to roll with the punches and not try to force everything."
"It told me I need to commune with the land." 
"It helped me give up resistance to a lifelong part of my true path (that one is my personal lesson from this card)."
"You did the right thing."
"It helped me learn how to be strong for myself not only for others."
"It taught me how to say, no."
"It helped me to trust the infinite bounty of the universe and the infinite bounty of my inner wisdom." 
"It showed me that life is longer than this one moment."
So now this is all the things the Strength Card is about. So here's my new keynote for this card, (shout out to one of the best classic rock bands ever, Jethro Tull): "Life's a Long Song." 
What the Strength Card can tell is is that yeah, this moment might require a little extra strength or a new form of strength a new expression of your strength, but it doesn't mean you will get stuck lifting the heavy load forever. Life changes all the time, for a long time. AND it says that your hands are guided. You don't have to make fists and do battle, you can massage and love and be gentle and patient and kind- even to yourself (even to other people!) You don't have to subdue the lion, maybe you can curl up with the lion and cuddle. 
It doesn't have to be hard. It just doesn't have to be hard. 
So yes, when you pull the Strength Card, take a deep breath and continue, in a new gentler way. Because life's a long song. And that's a good thing.