0—The Fool

The Fool

“Leap of Faith”

Are you ready for a new adventure? The Fool is beginning of the journey of the Tarot. In your life, it marks the start of a new phase, new way of thinking, new place inside or outside of yourself. If you are seeing The Fool in your readings for yourself or others, it's time to let go of what was, so you can embrace what is coming. Welcome change with a playful spirit of internal adventure. The Fool isn't just about a new way of doing. It is about a new way of BEING. 
With his eyes to the clouds and his buddy companion animal at his feet, The Fool wears a flowery dress and carries his simple purse on a stick over his shoulder, symbolic of his carefree trust of life. He doesn't care how others him, only how he defines himself. Typically seen as "he," The Fool would be just as happy being called “she,” “they,” or “ze.” if you asked The Fool for pronoun preference the answer would be, "Stars and clouds don't need pronouns." 
The Fool has packed light for this new journey. Make sure you take only the essentials— a commitment to yourself and the willingness to embrace and flow with change. And let's be honest, you probably suspect that some relationships need to end, and some of the stuff you have needs to find new homes.  Don't be afraid to lighten your load so you can walk your new path with less baggage. 
The Fool takes that iconic step off the cliff. And as the saying goes--"either the ground will rise to meet you or you will be given wings to fly." It's okay to trust this moment and move forward. Grieve what is lost, so you can welcome joys to come. 
It's true, other people may not understand why you need to go in a new direction. Or maybe the people around you have been waiting for you to finally answer a long-time call to embrace a new self. Your true friends are your witnesses, cheering you on, but they cannot make the journey for you. The Fool is asking you to find courage inside yourself and take the first step.
Remember the tarot is a story. Life is YOUR story. The Fool is simply the act of opening the first page of this new chapter. It isn't the first chapter and it won't  be the last. So take the leap-- so you can find out what happens on page two!