1—The Magician

The Magician

"Everything You Need"

The #1 card in the Tarot has all four suits of the tarot on it. The magician has the pentacles, swords, wands, and cups all at their fingertips. Earth, Air, Fire, Water- The Magician has it all. The Magician also embodies all gender energies. It's EVERYTHING. It tells you that you have all you need-- now get to work. 
Are you nervous about starting a new project, plan, relationship, or…anything? Stop thinking you need more this or more that before you start. You got this. And if something feels missing, don't worry, it will show up for you in perfect timing. Just start. Begin. Commence. Go. It's time.
It could also signal a time to start gathering the resources you need to do the big thing — but don't delay! This life project your have been contemplating is ready to go on the psychic level - meaning it's already happening on an energetic plane and is just waiting for you to be ready on the material world level. So stop overthinking, over-analyzing, over-planning, over-worrying, or worrying at all. This is not a time for thinking (or even feeling) this is a time for DOING. 
This may also be the time to stop therapy (but stay safe! Don't eliminate any essential support!) and start coaching  - get out of your head, and into your hands. Make your check list and start checking things off. 
The Magician is in charge, so don't be surprised if you are asked to step into leadership or start building your own house (literal or metaphoric). 
Now… don't wear yourself out. Magician can also indicate that it is time to put your team together and start delegating tasks to qualified and trusted people. Be careful! That doesn't mean you should hire your crew of besties. Keep those people for relaxing weekends and give the important jobs to the people who actually have the SKILLS to get your things done. 
Notice how I said, "get YOUR things done. Stay focused. Every thing, every resource, every person--  is there to work for YOU. Have fun Magic Making!