2—The High Priestess

The High Priestess

"Know Yourself. Trust Yourself "

How can you find the answers to your questions? Ask yourself. No one knows more than you right now. This is what the High Priestess tells you. You know what you want and need. No one else. So whew, you can stop calling psychics and follow your higher wisdom that's been telling you what to do all along. 
This is my personal card in the Tarot. It is my mirror for myself. My birthday adds up to 2. You can add up your birthday to find your card too (cue numerology link). My point is, we all have a card that shows up to say "you already know this is you." But The High Priestess carries this message for everyone, every time we see her. 
Although she is often said to embody both genders - meaning she is complete within herself- she has a distinctly "strong woman" energy. She is the wise one who doesn't need other people opinions to know what's right for her, or just what's right in general. Her wisdom is strong, unshakable, clear and true. If this card is coming up for you it is telling you to trust your instincts no matter what.
The High Priestess is the person you would consult to get the best advice. How to do that? Look in the mirror. 
This is a good time to take yourself away from the noise of life. Go to the beach, go camping, go for a long walk, go to a sweat ritual-- but go ALONE. You have to hear your own voice now without distractions. Once you do, write down your decisions and stick to them. 
Its also a good time to set up a regular check-in with yourself. Start a weekly journal, or drawing time, check on your decisions and see how they feel as you go. You are your own best coach right now. Other people's idea will cloud the mental waters so just say "thanks so much" to the advice you get and follow your decisions. Don't waiver. 
People will be drawn to your powerful energy right now. That's a nice compliment but if they are asking you to help them manifest their dreams say "my plate is full right now." You need your energy for yourself. 
Whew, that was all pretty huge. So here's the fun part. YOU CAN TRUST YOURSELF!!! Whoohoooo that's a blast! Enjoy the freedom and pleasure (!!!) that being an expert on your life brings you!