3 —The Empress

The Empress

“Bounty and Blessings”

You are skipping through a field of flowers as a light rain falls from the heavens promising the growth of even more beauty. When The Empress card shows up it's time to smile and say out loud, “Thank you!”

The empress is the pregnant earth goddess mama bursting forth in a expanse of flowers and grain, the harbinger of a big bountiful harvest. 
This is a moment in your life when you can relax, put your arms open yo the sky and soak it in. In so many of our life's growth moments, we feel we have to work work work to "make things happen" but the Empress lets us rest, receive and feel rewarded. 
One of the important lessons of the Empress, is that in order to reap a good harvest, we have to rotate the crops and also let the land lie fallow for periods of rest. 
Have you been pursuing one path with a fierce singularity of focus? The Empress might be asking you to diversify. Plant some new seeds, water a new dream that you thought was not possible, or one you have been putting off, maybe even plant a few things in your life just for beauty or fun. Not everything has to pay off-- some things we can just love because we love them. The Empress helps us enjoy life for the sake of enjoying it. 
Have you been working and pushing day in and day out? The Empress may be telling you to take a much needed REST. Rest is sooooo important to our growth. During rest our nervous system integrates all of our growth, all the new information, all the new brain pathways we form as we learn new internal and external skills. In fact-- it's a great idea after you have a tarot reading or pull cards for yourself to take 15 minutes of "constructive rest." Just sit where you are comfortable or lie on the floor and let it all sink in. Actually it's a good thing to do at any time in your life when you are integrating new changes. 
So…celebrate your harvest, plant a few new seeds, water some neglected dreams and rest. The Empress is holding you in her bountiful arms.