4—The Emperor

The Emperor

 "Lay Foundations and Build"

The Emperor. The number Four. Imagine you are sitting proudly on a throne with four sturdy legs, built on a solid square foundation with four solid corners and four solid walls. Stability. Doesn't it feel good? 
The Emperor brings (or encourages) stability and structure. Are you thinking about settling down, buying a home, opening a business, signing contracts, upgrading your bookkeeping/budgeting, an exercise routine, reorganizing, implementing a new calendar tool, or anything that makes things more solid Keep going. You are on the right track. 
It's not boring. It's vital. 
And. I am excited for you. 
Because the thing about building these kinds of structures is that once you have the structures, they can be filled  with things that bring you joy. 
The Emperor energy is not planting seeds energy- it is more of the energy of building the raised beds and filling them with soil. It might seem less exciting, but without that structure no garden can grow. And with it, you can soon be eating the food you planted in the box you built. So get out your symbolic hammer and nails. A tool belt is sexy on everyone! 
Don’t worry you will get to the seed planting and strawberry eating phase, but if you work with the Emperor energy you will have strawberries for years and years. 
As I was typing this, good old autocorrect changed the word Emperor to "Empower." Thank you psychic guides! Yep, that's exactly right. Building these kinds of structures are empowering. It will give you confidence when you see you can do it! 
What would feel empowering right now? What is something you have always wanted to do but convinced yourself was impossible? Give it a try now. The Emperor will help you achieve things that felt out of reach before, especially concrete, practical, large scale things. The Emperor is bold, daring, even a little overconfident - use it! You will probably surprise yourself with what you achieve!