5—The Hierophant

The Hierophant

“No More B.S. —  the truth WILL set you free!”

I just, right now, today, had back-to-back conversations with people who told me they hate this card. No sweat—because I LOVE the Hierophant. And The Hierophant loves you. 

People get uncomfortable because this card evokes feelings about religion. And yeah. It's definitely trying to do that. But my recent interpretation of this card is that the biggest sin of all major religions, the thing that breaks the hearts of even the most loyal followers, is when those religions lie. The Hirophant does not represent the lies of religion. If The Hierophant shows up in your life, it is to support you in the TRUTH. 
When The Hierophant shows up for you be prepared to set some boundaries of truth and do not compromise. 
Let me get honest about humans for a minute. Humans…um…how do I put this delicately…humans…well…humans have a difficult relationship with truth. Honesty isn't the human default mode. Sad but true. (one of my favorite Metallica songs). Let's think about that phrase. “Sad but true.” When we have to make a tough choice, when we have to let someone go who we had planned to hold onto, when we have to face a part of ourselves that we had been trying to avoid… it's sad. 
But it's also true.
True. It's true. It's just true. Do you know that feeling? That "Oh, I see the truth now. Oh, ohhhhhh. I GET it." 
It's that feeling. It's that simple. The truth is rarely complicated. And when we finally get to that point of seeing the truth in any situation, or person, or our lives, we feel clear. It is in that embrace of truth where we find freedoms. 
This is what The Hierophant wants for you. Freedom. 
Oh, and no more liars and lying. Not even to yourself. 
So prepare yourself - you will no longer tolerate bullshit. Like NONE. Not even your own. As soon as you feel that icky "something here feels false" feeling, get out. Leave. Change that bad habit. Drop that dodgy person. Implement an immediate exit strategy. And don't be surprised if you have to do this more than once with more than one situation. You will be better for it and happier every time. 
But honor the sadness. Make space for the grief. Even welcome and respect the totally trembling fear it took to find the courage to liberate yourself from the source of the falsehood. Sad but true. 
And then smile a big smile. The truth and your courage to choose the truth above anything else, just set you free. Thank you Hierophant.