7—The Chariot

The Chariot

“Roads to Success”

The Chariot is a beautiful beautiful card. I love this one. I love them all. But I'm always happy to see the Chariot pop up whenever one of my clients is contemplating a decision that they're right on the precipice of getting very excited about. The Chariot gets pretty excited too! Yep, this one is good news! As the band Queen says "Get on your bikes and ride!" The Chariot is taking you on an awesome journey to your success. 
The Chariot has a lot of positive symbols on it which represent balance - left to right, above and below, inward and outward. 
It means you're onto something. 
Things have aligned. 
Whatever you did to get to this point, it is paying off. My personal reader calls it "The Chariot of Destiny." (Yes. I have someone who reads my cards for me). 
What should you do?
Get prepared. 
Open the bank accounts. Make the budgets. (Don't spend any money yet). Think about who you want on your team. Envision the expansions you have been longing for. Make a list of baby or business or book names. Start energetically creating the channels to receive the abundance that is on the way. Trust that it IS coming. It is. 
This is a time for talking about it. At least not to people. This is a good time for talking to your guides, your journal, any loved ones who have died. Those are the energies, the "people" who can help now.  It's a time for inner celebration knowing the outer celebration is to come. 
And you know what I am talking about when I say it's been a journey to get here. Don't deny the hard work, hard introspection, hard choices it's taken to deliver this success. So take that time for the inner celebration with just yourself. The public exposure will come and it won't take long.
I might add, to be prudent financially. Celebrate yes but also, save. Put some of this good energy away for the next big project you are dreaming of. Let this success feed the next success. The Chariot loves that. It is a good card for investing in yourself or your ideas. The Chariot is about energy investment too. Money is a form of energy, as is time, attention and love, so be prudent about how you spend everything - aka yourself. It will be the roadmap for your future. 
And congratulations!