9–The Hermit

The Hermit

“Follow Your Own Light”

A wise person once told me "You can't live on borrowed light." These days we forget this. The world is full of schemes that claim "This is how I made my millions and found my true love - you can do it too, just do what I did!" Don't fall for it. Whether you hear it from your best friend, your mom, or the latest you tube influencer, don't get sucked in. Life just doesn't work that way. The Hermit is telling you you have to walk your own path, following your own light. The process IS the point. 
I love this card. It is in many ways the card of life itself. It is the elder inside of us all. It is the wise old woman who never stops learning no matter how much knowledge she gains. It is the quiet old man who nods watching others learn the lessons he could teach them. It is the old non-binary person who sees the world evolving just as they predicted. It is the person we are becoming showing up to give us a message of comfort-- we will get there.
It is the part of you that trusts yourself-- even when the way forward isn't fully lit. 
The Hermit holds a personal lantern close to their face. It's not a strobe light facing outward. The light, the truth, the next action comes one step at a time. Only the next stone on the path is illuminated. Don't let that discourage you. Focus all your love and attention on fully taking that next step and you will find that the following steps light up bright and right on time.
And things will feel perfect…eventually. 
The Hermit is not about goals. (Thank goodness!) It is about connection with yourself. It is about self-support. It is about total attention on what matters right now. Let the future come with time. The Hermit will not let you force outcomes. It won't even let you know that there are any outcomes. Outcomes are not the point. Being fully invested in self-belief is the point. Believe in YOUR light that is guiding YOU.   
And yes, take some Hermit time. Go sit in a cave in the woods (or wherever, you know, it's a metaphor). Shut out all the chatter and opinion from others. Keep a journal. Stare at the sky. Slow down. Have a feeling. Have another feeling. Eat. Hydrate. Have another feeling. Stare at the sky again. Walk barefoot on the earth. Nap. 
Turn off your phone and get off social. Stop reading advice blogs and going to psychics (yeah, I said it). If you want the Hermit's help you have to spend time with yourself. Then after you take that beautiful space-- I promise the way forward will become clear (maybe even through a paychic) and you will know with every bone in your body that what you are hearing is right for you. 
So put down those tarot cards, unplug the phone and go be. If you take anyone with you, take an image in your mind of your own hermit-self. Talk to the wise sage you will one day be. Their opinion is the only one that matters.