10—The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune

“Spin and Win”

This is a fantastic card. I mean just great. If you pull the Wheel of Fortune in a reading, stop pulling cards and call this one a win. Go get some cake or a cup of tea or whatever your thing is My point is walk away, your reading is over. 
Wheel of Fortune says things are going great so stop asking questions and go enjoy your life for a change. It also says that if you are trying to get from point A to point B, it does not matter what you do - you will get there. Don't over analyze the joy out of it, just pick a path (or ten) and go full steam. All paths lead to success! How often does that happen in life? Enjoy this. 
It's hard to say much more about this card. It's good stuff. It says that if you spin the wheel it doesn't matter what it stops on, every choice is a winner. 
Now, if you are feeling stuck, this card is good news because it says that ANY action will get you unstuck. But it does want ACTION. The Wheel of Fortune does not like to be ignored. If it shows up DO SOMETHING If you are already doing things, Yes! Good! Keep going!! If you are not taking actions then do anything, do everything and do it now. AND take your actions with the confidence and gratitude of knowing that the outcome is already favorable. 
You might even celebrate.
For some reason this card right now is telling me "People want to know about relationships. Tell them what I mean in relationships." I will be honest, I get pretty tired of relationship advice popping up in every divination tool in the world, but I get it. People are in relationships and relationships need help. So, what does the the Wheel of Fortune say for relationships? 
Let it ride. 
That's what it says. Let it ride. Don't make any big changes. Don't push people in any direction. Don't question. Just enjoy all there is to enjoy, and see where that enjoyment leads you. Maybe you don't actually need that big change (good or bad) you have been considering. OR maybe the big change (good or bad) is happening but you don't have to do anything to make sure it goes forward. If the relationship is good(ish) leave it alone and enjoy it. If the relationship is bad(ish) then trust it will find it's way to a conclusion on its own volition. 
The Wheel of Fortune is about momentum. Take action when you feel stuck to get things going. Don't take action if things are already in motion. Let the momentum do the work!